• Cut Cleaning Time.

    Reduce Labor Costs.

  • Made in america and Built To Last.

    The Only Two Year Warranty in the Industry.

    Increase your bottom line.

The SideWinder Model 105 represents the newest technology for the flat surface cleaner and pressure washer accessories. Engineered for use with both hot and cold pressure washers the SideWinder 105 cuts cleaning time and water usage for pressure washing of decks, sidewalks, roofs and other paved surfaces.

HydraMotion’s SideWinder is built in American and built to last, using Military Specified Urethane, airframe grade aluminum and a Fuller Brush™ skirt assembly. All subassemblies are interchangeable from model to model for ease of upgrading, maintenance and repair.

The SideWinder is the ideal pressure washer accessory for a homeowner, contractor or maintenance company looking to get the job done quickly and easily and to improve the appearance of your exterior flat surfaces.

It is also the perfect unit when renting a pressure washer for either the professional or homeowner to save time and money due to it's durability, ease of operation and reliability.

Gets the job done dependably and quickly.

The SideWinder 105 flat surface cleaner is engineered and manufactured by hand in our factory in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania using only the highest quality materials. We don't make the least expensive unit out there. We don't try to. We make the unit that makes you the most money over the live of your business.