About SideWinder and Hydramotion

Bringing Technology To Flat Surface Cleaning

Designed and Built in The USA
& Engineered To Work Hard

Improved Cleaning Effect with the HydraFlowTM Cover

Fluted design creates a focused spray pattern at the external radius of the spray bar arc.

Upgraded SuperSwivelTM Delivers The Longest High Pressure Swivel Life on the market

Increased rear shaft hardness and LP seals throughout extending swivel life and reducing down time for repair and maintenance. Completely field reparable.

Interchangeable Handles

Contractors and equipment rental operators can choose foldable and/or rigid handles, as needed.

Two Year Warranty

Still the industry’s best and longest!

About Hydramotion

Since 1996 Hydramotion has manufactured flat surface cleaners specifically to meet the demands of the contractors who rely on them everyday to get the job done.

Our mission is to strive to provide products that are dependable and constructed with only the finest components resulting in a stress free cleaning experience in the field. As former contractors ourselves, we know exactly what you expect and demand, and we make it our mission to deliver.

The result of that focus, the Sidewinder 105 has evolved over the years based on advances in proven and tested technologies & materials and from always listening to the feedback from our loyal user base. This means that the Sidewinder 105 series cleaners are state of the industry in materials and in ease of operation in the field.

Our Core focus can be summed up below:

  • Constantly improve our products to clean better
  • Always design for product performance, cost of use and longevity
  • Never forget what the customer wants and needs in the field

This allows us to deliver the finest product in in class.

  • management on site and engaged

    Designed and Built in Pottstown, PA

    From the beginning, HydraMotion has made a strong commitment to design and manufacture our pressure washer accessories in the USA. We build our units in Pottstown Pennsylvania and are proud to have build long standing relationships with vendors throughout the country with parts suppliers in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

  • hands on

    Customer support is always a top priority

    It is important to highlight that everyone at HydraMotion has a hand in building the Sideweinder and understands the market we serve, the products we offer and whenever possible will address a customer's question in real time. This is a core component of our mission to deliver exceptional levels of customer service and satisfaction.