Excellent Chemical Resistance

Robust polypropylene plastic construction of this innovative dispensing equipment mean the Florite® Drumpumps have excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. 

With Florite® Drumpumps there is no requirement to change seals for different chemicals."" The Florite® Drumpump is suitable for strong chemicals including caustic and chlorine based chemicals, acids, alkaline. It can also be used for oils, lubricants, diesel, liquid fertilizers and crop chemicals not containing strong solvents. It is suitable with certain mild solvents including alcohols. It is not to be used for highly flammable liquids, strong solvents or for pumping petrol.

Use Florite® Drumpumps with confidence for liquids with viscosity up to 8,800cps (about as thick as molasses) and with liquids that are compatible with polypropylene plastic.

The pump is not to be used to dispense highly flammable liquids, strong solvents or for pumping petrol.

What is a useful guide on chemically compatible liquids?

www.hdyarmotion.us/floritechemical compatibility

We find the Cole Palmer charts are useful as a guide to the resistance of polypropylene plastic and therefore can provide an indication as to the longevity of the Florite® Drumpumps as dispensing equipment.

Our customers have found that the Florite® Drumpumps can be used very successfully for dispensing liquids even though the resistance is not always stated as good on these charts.

Our customers have improved the longevity of the Florite® Drumpumps in liquids with poor resistance according to the charts by not leaving them in the drums when not in use or by rinsing them after use.

Some chemicals can be harsher on the fully serviceable, polyethylene plastic components of the Florite® Drumpumps. Easy to follow diagrammatic instructions ensure servicing is quick and easy should it be required.

We invite you to HydraMotion at 1-800-726-1526 for more information.

Final determination of suitability for intended use or manner of use is the responsibility of the user.